The Regal Magnificence


Eletech “Victoria” is a limited regional release developed jointly with ECT for the local regional market. Designed for excellent head space as well as highly resolving mid-range, the Victoria is a one-of-a-kind design that’s exclusively available only in Hong Kong, solely distributed by ECT Eichi Technology.

Gold Plated OCC
”Victoria” is a unique blend of GP-OCC and OCC Copper, an Eletech first configuration utilising Gold Plated Copper after lengthy research on the optimum methods of implementation. The Victoria’s geometry makeup features dual stranding for both material catalyst with thinner strands optimizing high frequencies extensions while a heavier thick strand optimizing lows for a more nuanced and visceral response.
9 x 9 Litz Structure
Tyrian represents a breakthrough in Eletech’s geometry design, featuring an Eletech’s first foray into a 9 internal core geometry design with dual stranding, thinner strands (HSPC) catering to the high frequencies extensions while a thicker stranding core (LSPC) for lush visceral lows.
OFC Shielding Net
”Victoria” has also included a Eletech signature shielding net to allow for absolute shielding from EMF and other radio frequencies. This in turn translate to an absolute darkness in the background. Configurations of “Victoria” in 4.4mm can further take advantage of the shielding by having it grounded on the 5th pole.
- 26 AWG , 4 Wires
- Dual Stranding Design
- Monocrystal Copper , Gold Plated OCC
- 9 Interior Core Litz ; Kevlar infused
- OFC Plated Silver Shielding net
- Cryogenically Treated
- Eletech Customised connectors and Y-split
- Individually Enamelled strands
- FlexiMax Insulation