Following the success of The Answer, Truth and Dream trifecta, DITA announces the launch of a new line of products at Fujiya Avic Headphone Festival Spring Edition, in Tokyo.

Fidelity and Fealty Concept is an idea that stems from the perennial dilemma of "true to source or true to listener?'
Keeping this dilemma in mind led to the concurrent development of Fealty and Fidelity thus ensuring a common flavour with a different signature.
Technical Specifications System Format
Single Dynamic Driver
Driver Type
Drive Unit Complement
New design Dual Material Composite driver with:
PET Diaphragm
PEN Dome
Full gold-plated chassis
Frequency Response
18Hz - 25KHz
95dB +/- 1dB @ 1KHz
Nominal Impedance.
16 Ohms
Max. Input Power
Connection (Plug end)
Patented and proprietary Awesome Plug with 3.5mm TRS and 2.5mm TRRS supplied.
Optional: 4.4mm, 5-pole
Internally wired with Van Den Hul 3T hybrid cable
Soldered with Van Den Hul Silver solder
Connection (Earphone end)
2-pin with “slot-lock”
2 -pin female pins with internal spring lock
Gold plated contacts
DITA Fat Cable 2 with TPE insulating jacket
Barium Grey