Originally only available via the Japan crowdfunding Muakake, the Make series has made it's way to Hong Kong!
The 35,000,000 yen successfully funded campaign features 3 tunable stainless steel crafted earphones.

Make Series from Final Inc. warranty policy:
• Due to the DIY nature of the product, parts may be charged according to the symptoms of the earphone
• Inspection fee and repair fees are waived for the first year upon purchase
• No replacements will be provided for the product after the customer has confirmed reception of the earphone, the earphone will be repaired only
Glossy gunmetal finish
Make 2 gleams with a glossy gunmetal finish, and features 1 Final-designed Balanced Armature along with 1 Final-designed Dynamic driver.
847 different kinds of tuning
By tweaking the filters within the earphone, Make 2 and Make 3 can deliver up to 847 different kinds of tuning.
MAKE 2 introduction