Project 71

Project 71 celebrates the roots of DITA and the founding of its parent company, Packagers Pte Ltd. Established in 1971.

Its years of research and experience in high speed packaging automation and engineering has been translated to the technology and process used on every DITA product.
Limited Edition
Project 71 is painstakingly handcrafted in Japan and is limited to 300 pieces worldwide.
DITA Dynamic Driver Technology (DDT)
DDT Gen 3 Driver utilizes composite materials and employ a stress diffusion method. This is the key element commonly found in any DITA products. It refers to the use of fluid dynamics to predict and control the airflow within the driver chamber of the IEM.
Handcrafted musical instruments
DITA aims to combine memories of its roots with modern, cutting edge manufacturing methods and a dash of creativity to create a product unlike anything seen before. The result is a pair of earphones that celebrates the best of old-world luxury and modern engineering technology, challenging the existing notions of analog design & user interaction.The use of CNC machining allows for the precise working of both brass and wood, whittling them down to a thickness of 0.5mm, making the chassis of 71 as thin as a stick of standard mechanical pencil lead.
New OSLO cable
Project 71 uses DITA’s new OSLO cable (Oil Soaked Long Crystal Oxygen Free cable) with an MMCX connector. Its copper strands are coated with gold and silver nanoparticles suspended in squalene oil. The nanoparticles within the suspension smooth out microscopic surface irregularities that affect signal transfer and impedance resulting in a richly flavored sound that captivates with its nuanced demonstration of every musical note. The OSLO cable is available separately in both MMCX and 2-Pin versions.
Driver Type
DDT Gen 3 Driver
Frequency Response
20Hz - 20KHz
Nominal Impedance
16 ohms
109 dB @ 1KHz
Brass and Ebony
OSLO (Oil Soaked Long crystal Oxygen free) cable.
Copper wires Enriched with gold and silver nanoparticles in proprietary formulation