Updated Firmware and Controls of Go2Pro Infinity
(1) New feature - Volume Control Buttons (Up and Down)
Total 128 digital segments with analog based gain control.
Just press the Up button to volume up. Down button to volume down.

(2) New feature - Line Out mode
Press the UP button all the way up. When you see the original signal mode LED change to Light Green.
GO2Pro and GO2A is entering Line Out mode which totally by-pass the volume control and designed to
connect directly to Headphone Amp or Pre-amp. Max Vrms on Singled-ended: 3.2V rms

(3) New feature - Smart Gain
GO2A and GO2Pro will choose the proper analog GAIN settings according to the current volume setting by button.
When you approach the -2dBFS of LOW-GAIN and volume up. Firmware will automatic change GAIN setting to MID-GAIN.
When you approach the -2dBFS of MID-GAIN and volume up. Firmware will automatic change GAIN setting to HIGH-GAIN.

If will give you the best synergy of digital volume control and analog gain setting.

(4) Updated feature - Please press TWO volume buttons at the same time to change digital mode/digital filter on the fly
TCM (Green) -> SSM (Red) -> FTM/FRM (Blue)

(5) Updated feature — Digital Mode 2.0
By developing the new digital filter algorithm for our DaVinci MK2’s DSD decoding engine, we use the similar method to
re-write the digital mode firmware inside GO2PRo and GO2A. Especially in FTM/FRM, we achieve the smoother sound on high,
even better sound stage. TCM has better FR on DSD playback.
(Remark: DaVinci’s PCM engine doesn’t use digital filter. Only on Dual engine 2.0’s DSD decoding side we have digital filter)
How to connect my AK player to my OSX devices?
1. Disconnect AK from PC
2. Download the filetransfer driver at Android File Transfer site.
3. Install the file downloaded according to the attached guide in pdf.
4. Use AK after connection with PC.
Is it true that Mojo is entirely designed and manufactured in England?
Yes, entirely. Mojo is manufactured with some of the most advanced machines in the world, right here in England.

These techniques and high volume production have allowed Mojos unbelievable performance to price ratio.
I cant hear any audio, what is wrong?
When Mojo is successfully paired with a host device the power on button will illuminate. If this button does not illuminate then please check the USB cables connection at both ends. For music playback the Micro USB cable must be connected to the data port and not the charging port. Failing this, it is best to check that no debris is lodged inside the connector.

If all of the above solutions are unsuccessful then please try a different USB lead. If you are using a poor quality USB lead or a lead that is over 1.5m then Mojo many not function as intended.

Finally, if you are using a Windows computer then you will need to install the driver that we have provided above. If you are using your Mojo with an Android device then you will need to make sure that it is OTG (On The Go) compatible. Please refer to your device manufacturers specifications.
Can I use Mojo for live music?
Due to the Mojos powerful D2A technology unfortunately the latency round trip would be too large for this use.