Campfire Audio IO 線材配搭

IO 大膽採用最大顆的低音動單元,配以超小型的高音動鐵單元


【Astell&Kern x Crystal Cable PEF28】


【Luminox Audio Shadow】
得益於Luminox 的Pair Balancing 技術,聲音背景更為寧靜,音樂中的元素分離度更高,低頻量變得更多。


【Luminox Audio Booster Blue】


【ALO Audio Reference 8】
整體背景跟樂器拉後了, 低頻收放更快, 聽感更活躍輕快。


Featured Products
Crystal Cable has developed a new generation in-ear cable for her co-branding with Astell&Kern;. Its breathtaking technology, design and musicality helps to create a bridge between portable high end and high end home audio, two very much connected worlds, helping them to closely work together on the ultimate goal: bring live music to the listener.
Cables are even more important in personal audio than in home systems, as there is no room acoustics or other external factors influencing the sound quality, just the headphone/earphone, cables and the source.