Campfire Audio Polaris II 線材配搭

Polaris II 整體音場寬闊,頻段之間的銜接相當自然,反應亦都比初代優勝。

歸根究底,採用了兩項Campfire 調音技術的Polaris II,在典型的V shape 設計中,開闢了一個新天地。


P.T.C. 專利氣壓調音技術:低頻厚實有力,下潛深,具打擊感。



【ALO Audio Reference 8】
希望追求更平衡的聲音,ALO Audio 的 Reference 8 會是很不錯的選擇。Reference 8 把 Polaris II 的低頻表現得更為緊緻,同時把高頻位置提高,但相對人聲會變得較為冷靜,整體感覺更清爽。


【Astell&Kern x Crystal Cable PEF28】
聲音明亮、刺激, 音場更闊,高頻有顯著的提升, 但同時顆粒感更強。低頻量卻明顯減少了,可以換上黑耳棉平衡一下顆粒感跟低頻量。


【Luminox Audio Day-for-Night】
主要是人聲表現改變,密度更高,感覺延綿不斷,但通透度稍為降低。若對Polaris II原裝線低頻表現滿意,希望人聲部份更為豐滿圓潤的朋友可以考慮。

Featured Products
Crystal Cable has developed a new generation in-ear cable for her co-branding with Astell&Kern;. Its breathtaking technology, design and musicality helps to create a bridge between portable high end and high end home audio, two very much connected worlds, helping them to closely work together on the ultimate goal: bring live music to the listener.
Cables are even more important in personal audio than in home systems, as there is no room acoustics or other external factors influencing the sound quality, just the headphone/earphone, cables and the source.