Astell&Kern Kann Cube 配搭

Kann Cube經已推出一段時間, 它的大推力震驚不少玩家, 儘管體積上比起上代更為巨大, 重量卻比看起來要輕。除了最高輸出達到12V RMS, 二代Kann在規格上有不少改良, 詳情亦可在產品專頁中看到。我們將用上不同入耳式跟頭戴式耳機來實際測試, Kann Cube的聽感跟控制力如何。

final D8000 Pro

作為D8000的專業鑑聽版, D8000 Pro的聲音密度更高, 音場稍窄, 聲音更貼身。這樣的調音更有助製作音樂更集中地聽到更多細節。

播起音樂, 雖是鑑聽版,低音量感還是十分足夠的。用來聽Billie Eilish的bad guy, 即便是電音鼓的下潛亦不錯。聽陳雪凝的綠色, 人聲稍暖, 甜而不膩, 結他聲鏗鏘有力, 略嫌高頻的延伸不夠。

Fostex TH909

轉聽Fostex TH909, 發現跟D8000 Pro音量需求相約, 高增益85度左右便很足夠, 低頻量明顯減弱, 音場比D8000 Pro要開揚, 高頻延伸亦比D8000 Pro改善不少。高頻部分比較清脆, 容易有「拆聲」的錯覺。但若喜歡日系動漫音樂或喜歡現場感, 這款耳機可說十分合適。


Audeze Lcd-2 Classic

低頻量稍遜D8000 Pro, 比TH-909多一點。人聲部分並沒有D8000 Pro貼身, 稍多了一點點空氣感。尾音部分亦比TH-909凝聚。女聲較為中正, 沒有過多的渲染, 高頻延伸不錯, 可以說是試聽三款頭戴式耳機中, 高、中、低三頻比較平均的一款。


Kann Cube的大推力無容置疑,控制力方面,我們以Campfire Solaris跟final E5000兩款入耳式耳機來測試一下。



用歐美流行樂測試Solaris,低增益下,66度音量便足夠推動Solaris,動態十足,並且以入耳式耳機來說,整體空間感很足夠,高頻亮麗,低頻收歛。值得一說,Kann Cube配上Solaris並沒有惱人的訊噪,表現十分優秀。


再以「難推」聞名的final E5000來試聽。E5000的低頻來得較為刺激,結他聲顆粒感頗重。人聲較為綿密,相對Solaris則較為平穩。E5000可算是入耳式耳機中的「異類」,以Kann Cube的強大推力,還是需要調至高增益至大概95度左右音量才能應付,但如此低靈敏度的設計亦使音樂背景更為寧靜。




Featured Products
TH909 Premium Stereo Headphones
TH909 is a flagship premium headphones based on the reputed closed type TH900mk2. While keeping the same sound characteristic, we further expanded and increased its sound field by adopting open back construction and adjusting the acoustic circuit design.
LCD-2 Classic
Since its release in 2009, our original LCD2 headphone has been an industry favorite amongst passionate listeners everywhere.

Audeze proudly presents a new take on our classic LCD2 design. The new LCD2 Classic headphone comes with a lightweight suspension headband, special crystal-infused nylon rings, remodeled audio jacks, and features the warm sound signature of the original LCD2 driver.

Sound quality design based on the latest acoustic engineering and psychological research results. Delivers clear sound quality across all bandwidths and immersive sound that seems to envelop you.

We have designed the sound quality of E5000 based on the latest acoustic engineering and psychological research results. Utilizing the typical method of sound creation whereby certain high frequencies are emphasized, you’re given to feel vivid sound when you first listen, but because of this, other range are obscured and hard to hear. With E5000, no particular sound ranges have been emphasized, and this, together with our commitment to detailed sound expression, achieves a vast sound stage that seems to envelop you, something unthinkable in earphones up until now. In addition, the silver-coated cable is standard equipment. With the employment of an MMCX connector that can be re-cable, it is possible to replace the cable in the event of cable breakage.